Stop trying to talk over each other!

Yeah, today is one of those days. One of those honest, my mind is going to explode, type of days. Wish that I can say that I was writing you from sunny Florida today, but it seems Mother Nature has latched on to my chaotic mind and is showing as much indecision as I am at this point.

My dilemma  today, I have two stories competing in my head to see who is the loudest! This is nothing new, and as a writer, it happens to everyone. But this is maddening to the point that I can’t get any real writing done…besides this blog post. I promised to show you the underbelly of writing. So I ask you, do you see that spot right there? Yeah that spot, that spot is where writers loose there ever loving mind!

You will hear others talk about how “the voice in their head” made them write this or that. One of my favorites “I have writers block because my friends in my head aren’t talking to me right now”. Yeah, the truth is, we just have an overactive imagination that we have little control over.

For most of the summer I’ve been able to focus on one project, and any stray ideas, I jot them and save them for later. Well, I opened a can of worms two nights ago. A writers group in Central Florida posted that they are having their first writing contest, and with that comes a e-book compilation of the short stories submitted. I’ve been watching contest from various others, toying with the idea of throwing something together allowing myself a short break from my current work in progress.(I will be releasing the title of my novel on the ‘Current Project’ page in the next few days!) But, I’ve been able to push said distractions away within a few minutes.

Sadly, the topic of the the contest, “Misfits”. All I could think was “That’s so cool. That can go anywhere”. And anywhere and everywhere is where my damn creative thought process has went.

My mind has been playing with the myth of Medusa and will not shut the fuck up about it. But, my mind is also going on and on about by current project. My current project is yelling about not letting the new ideas distract me, while the new idea is yelling that it’s just a quick break five days tops.

I’m torn torn between two stories, one I love and has been patient with me. The other, flirting with me, showing me that I’ve been missing the excitement of something new. Is this what cheaters go through? If it is, I don’t know how the hell you deal with being rip to shreds intentionally.

In the end, both stories will get told. And who knows, maybe this short story might spawn enough details to become a full novel!


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