Writing Prompt Woes

Hey word lovers. You ever bite off more than you can chew? Well, I’m starting to think I did! In my last post, I went over my writing goals, and I gave one goal a probationary period. Well, I was attempting to try it on for a month and I do believe that I will have to say no to that goal.

It’s just too much

With everything that I’m trying to do, attempting to do a writing prompt every day just has been a little difficult. Reading and world building takes up a bit of my day. Between the writing prompts, reading, word building, and life, I haven’t been able to sit down and write my short story. At this point, the short stories are more important than the five hundred words writing prompt.

The Good Side of It

Don’t get me wrong, when I have sat down and completed the word prompt my imagination and creativity has blossomed! So the prompts are doing what I needed them to do, get me writing every day and keep the creativity flowing.

The bigger problem is, I can’t stop at five hundred words! I want more and this keeps me from everything else. So at this point, I am going to change that to one prompt a week. And that one prompt will feed my short story.

Trying to create a habit with writing prompts are both a good idea and writing suicide, depending on your other writing goals. So, heed my warning, use writing prompts with caution! They can make you switch out your work in progress. Well that all for tonight word lovers.

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