Current Project 

Hey! Over here! Looking for updates on what I’m working on? Well my friend, you’re in luck! You have successfully found where I will keep you updated on: Current titles, How far along I am with my writing, Release dates, Cover art, and whatever I think you might like.



Working, 9-Kill. The Unlikely Assassins Series. Book 1 is currently in the rough draft process and is currently at 17,664 words. These assassins have special skills do to government experiments. There will be two point of views in first person. As it stands, this book will fall somewhere between sci-fi-fi and urban fantasy.


NaNoWriMo prep work. I’m planing to participate in National Novel Writing Month which is held 11/1-11/30. Writers from all over the world will be attempting to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days.


Just finished writing a short story for a contest. The short story is 4,999 words and is a twist on the mythology of Medusa’s children. This contest ends 11/1, so I will be doing my editing for this project in the next few days.



After four months of tending to my health, I’m finally back to my old tricks! I just finished a piece for a writers group here in my state. I’m hoping that I will be able to attend the annual writers group workshops and awards this October.

My piece that I attempted to write for NaNoWriMo was shaping up to be a beautiful story full of butt kicking. Honestly who doesn’t like a twist to mythology with tons of action? So it is in my list of stories that I plan to self-publish. So if we add them up, I have a total of four stories that I plan to release into the world. As of now, only three of those stories are looking to be at least a three book series.

I’m now looking into work from home type of work to help me with keeping a few coins in my pocket. Hopeful it turns out to be more helpful that hurtful to my writing goals.

Last but not least, my current work in progress, Working 9-kill, has a total of 21,714 words! I know it’s only 4,050 words added since  October. Which averages to only 1,012 words a month for the last four months. But now that my health is now back to a stable place, I will be able to dedicate more time to my WIP.