Life’s Roadblocks


Happy New Year! I hope everyone made into the new year with minimal damage from last year. It’s been a while since I made a blog post, or written anything for that matter. In all transparency, this blog post is a bit of a challenge today. As promised, I’m dragging you along on my quest to become a Indie Author. That means even the roadblocks get talked about.

In my shame, I haven’t posted anything since October 18! Yes, shame! Shame! Shame! In an even bigger helping of shame, I haven’t written anything since the second weekend of November. Technically I haven’t written anything, but we will circle back around to this in a second.

A few things happened there near the end of October, some which I did mention in a previous post. NaNoWriMo was one of them where I attempted to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. I started a new job the day before this challenge kicked off. And I had written a piece for a local state short story competition.

Well I started my job and was able to write 8,000 words those first two weeks. But life hit me with a life altering situation. The status of my health changed and I had to decide, overwork myself or take care of myself. So I admit, I had to put my writing on the back burner until a wonderful thing called energy found its way back into my soul. I barely had enough energy or will power to act interested in my new job. When I say I got no writing done, I mean I didn’t even open my laptop to check my email until Christmas!

Fast forward to mid January, I had to resign from my job due to health problems. And I started to write this blog post. I only made it in one paragraph before I closed my laptop and went back to sleep. So to go over my shame again, I stopped writing for three months. Even though I have a outline and plenty of ideas rolling around in my head. I didn’t complete the NaNoWriMo challenge, didn’t submit my competition piece, nothing.

Now I love reading. I will read a book in a day, and of course I end up burning myself out after binging for days of none stop reading of a series. By the fourth book of back to back reading, I might find the character flaws to annoying to continue. I bring this up, because yes you guessed, I even stop reading for this time period. My kindle somehow ended up under my bed next to a missing sock and a dust bunny. Don’t ask.

In all this shame, I’m glade to say I have enough energy to start my habits back up. First I started with reading some of my scrap writing. This triggered my urge to read something that I swore never to read again, and to start writing my scrap stories. Baby steps. So this is the first “major” writing I’ve done since November, I apologize if it is all over the place.

What this unintended break did, it caused me to go back over of my current WIP and see where I was. It lit a fire to compete my writing, but to take it bit by bit. I didn’t even realize that I was on the edge of burnout until my health showed me. And on that note, that’s all I have for you word lovers. Until next time!

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