Pinterest​ for Writing Inspiration

Well hello word lovers, hope you’re having a wonderful day! Here in North Florida, it’s a bit chilly for our liking. But the sun is out and shinning so I guess that makes the cold bearable. But on with today’s post, the social app Pinterest.

If you’re like me, you might have a Pinterest account that you don’t really use. You have trouble remembering your password when you decide that you’re going to do a DIY project around the house or find something to cure your boredom. The small pictures on Pinterest can spark the interest of many things. Inspiring wedding ideas, things to decorate the baby room with, to finding a new hobby like jewelry making.

But you said writing inspiration… 

Did you know that there are a plethora of writing prompts on Pinterest to get your creativity flowing? Yeah, it can be a bit overwhelming as you run across twelve that you like. So warning, it can cause involuntary body twitches as you try to keep your brain from overloading.

Currently, I find about three to five prompts a week and type them up in my writing app that saves to the cloud. That way, no matter where I am, I can access it and write when I’m stuck somewhere away from my laptop. Just last night, I opened such a prompt and wrote a short story before going to bed. If you don’t have one of those writing prompt journals, or saving money is on your goals list, I highly recommend using Pinterest to find a writing prompt or two.

There is more to Writing Pinterest than Writing Prompts…

Today, I sat down and explored the suggestions that Pinterest throws at you when you’re looking at a particular pin. And what I found was a writing gold mine! Well in my new writer’s opinion. I had to create a new board to pin all the nuggets I found.

There were grafts, list, and “suggestions” for writing. Things that would require you to sit for an hour through a workshop or read a book for a few hours to learn. Don’t get me wrong, if there is a workshop in your area, go to it! Nothing replaces that type of learning, it’s invaluable. Plus you get to be around other introverted people like yourself, you know socialize.

Pinterest for your writing business, you don’t say… 

The final plus for using Pinterest as a writer… you can use it to drive traffic to your websites! Yep! I had that same “Oh Really?” moment you’re having right now. I actually learned this tidbit of information from a course I took, one that will be left unnamed at this time because I am not a part of their affiliate program…currently. 

You can create pins that catch peoples attention and have it linked back to that particular article or blog post. Which some of the pins on writing that I found, did just that. Of course, you will have to figure out how to make catchy eye candy on Pinterest that will draw attention. But it is an option that I am sharing that is outside of the normal social media shark-infested waters.

Well, that’s all I have for you at the moment. I hope this helps you on your quest to improve your writing or spark some creativity pulling you out of the dreaded writer’s block death grip. Like I said, I really do hope you have a wonderful day today. Later word lovers!

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